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Key Features


Item Name:Dried Ginger Slice

Brand : CoNutri 

Key Features

Pure Dried Ginger !!!
1、One packet of them is made of the certified ginger without Salt/Sugar/Pigment/preservative.
2、Patented Dehydration Technology applies in our product. The whole process is in the constant 35 degrees centigrade to make them keep Natural nutrition, enzyme, aroma, color and appearance.
3、Family leisure snack and warm gift to share.

Weight : 50G/Bag

Eco-friendly & Non-toxic. No environmental hormone.
Edible methods: Ready to enjoy when opened. Please keep it dry when you open it and eat it up as soon as possible. Suitable for the old and the young in their leisure time, travel time etc.
Expiration date: 24 months.
Origin: Product of Taiwan
Product Certification: HACCP and ISO 22000 
The benefits of natural dried ginger slice:

There have many many advantages in dried ginger slice!!!
1.The dried ginger slice can Cure the chilly,warm for your body.
2.In winter ,the dried ginger slice can prevent having a cold.
3.When you due to vomit or diarrhea and feel the belly is cool,why not have a dried ginger slice?It can warm your stomach and let you feel better.
4.The most important point is that dried ginger slice can Improve women’ monthly pain.

Website:  http://www.7-smart.com/
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