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With love & responsible to life, to land, to environment and food. Smart Vita Life dedicated in Natural or Organics Food, Beverage, Organics Skin Care Products since 2013. With Patented Constant Temperature Dehydration Technology, S.MART are supplying dried veggie/fruit and the processed products with natural nutrition, enzyme, color, aroma preserved and no need of sugar, salt and preservative. Fruit & Veggie is from contacted farm with organics or natural farming growing without using of pesticide then process in Pingtong factory!

With closer understand about Taiwan farmer and food industry, we received many keen request from our farmer partner to help them for international marketing and customer services. Therefore, except our main product of dehydrated fruit and veggie, S.MART is also helping to build a transparent international marketing platform and acting as their exclusive agent for farmer and manufacturer who we know and trust thus products scope gradually growing as below :
1. Taiwan Dried Fruit & Veggie
2. Taiwan Process fruit & veggie products - Fruit Vinegar, Enzyme, Supplement,...
3. Taiwan Tea - Oolong, Green and Black Tea in Leaf, Stem and Powder
4. Imported Ingredient but process in Taiwan
5. Nano Ag+ Daily Care Products
6. Taiwan Process Natural Organics Skin/Hair Care products
7. Taiwan Safety fish and Processed Products


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