Taiwan Tea

  • Made in:Taiwan
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  • Tea Leaf/Tea Powder/Tea Stem:Tea Leaf/Tea Powder/Tea Stem

Key Features

Healthy Drink from Natural!
Taiwan Tea from NanTou, Taiwan. Planted with organic process that without using pesticide, chemical fertilizer and without artificial additive. Tea are from tea tree age 3 years or above.

With whole plant consuming concept, we are in the position to supply :

  1. Tea: Oolong/Green/ Black/Red Tea
  2. Tea Powder : Oolong/ Green/ Black/Red Powder
  3. Tea Stem: Oolong Tea/Green /Black/Red


Brand: factory brand/OEM/ODM


Certificate : SGS/ ChungHwa Organic Certified/ Traceable Agricultural Certified/ CNCA Certified

Export to : Asia, Europe, North America

Product Certification: