Taiwan Odourbark Cinnamon Tea

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    Key Features

    Taiwan  Odourbark Cinnamon Tea is a daily healthy drink that formulated base on Chinese Healthy Care guide to enjoy the natural benefit of  Taiwan Origin Cinnamon Leaf, Angelica keiskei Koidzmi and Stevia leaf.
    With the special benefit of Odourbark Cinnamon and Unique formula, it become a daily drink for freshing, after meal for people who like fresing taste, body fat controlling as well as people who want to well manage to his blood sugar.
    Odourbark Cinnamon essential oil is good in Anti-odixation, Anti-infommatory thus is benefit to our help caring, including tumor prevention.
    Odourbark Cinnamon essenstial is good in baterial prevention and thus a natural pesticide for health care.

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    green tea stem
    USD 9.99-9.99
    black tea stem
    USD 9.99-9.99
    Taiwan Oolong Tea Organics Altitude above 1700M
    USD 350.00-350.00
    Natural Fruit Tea Bag-Pineapple+PeaFlower+Lemon
    USD 26.50-26.50
    USD 16.50-16.50